Re: WM Compliance

Raul Wegmann <> writes:

> > And yes, youre right. GNOME already has detachable menubars. It's more a
> > thing 
> > of the look-n-feel of the desktop. We like it more like NeXT... and it has
> > it's menu in the upper left corner (normally). And the menu is not
> > horizontal, 
> > it's vertical. And so we are thinking about this change.
> If you want to do that, perhaps it would be better to change gtk to make menus
> "themeable". I know raster made this with pushbuttons, but I don't know if
> anybody is still working on it.
> This way, you simply could tell gtk to use the WMaker theme and swallow the
> menu. Then other WMs could also implement this feature in their way.

I don't want to make gnome menus themeable, I want make it to support

And I think raster will do do this theme stuff (cause I think he likes it
;-). And I will be happy if he makes it, cause gnome will then look like next
(not directly, but a few days after...)


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