Re: WM Compliance

On 10-Jun-98 Oliver Graf wrote:
> Marius Vollmer <> writes:
>> > A big problem is the 'freedom' of gtk+: as I understand, one can put
>> > any possible widget in a menubar/menu (please correct me if I'm
>> > wrong). But WMaker in it's current implementation supports only
>> > Cascade and Command entries. It will be difficult to map anything
>> > 'extravagant' from a gtk+ menu to a WMaker appmenu.
>> I have no idea how the stuff really works but would it be possible
>> that WMaker just swallows the menubar of the application?  The menubar
>> would still be drawn and handled by the application, WMaker just
>> places it somewhere appropriate.  The menubar can already be detached
>> for most GNOME apps, I think.
> It's more like Amiga and MacOS (and N*XT Step). You have a main menu(-bar)
> which is handled by the OS (WM). It shows the menu entries of the app.
> And yes, youre right. GNOME already has detachable menubars. It's more a
> thing 
> of the look-n-feel of the desktop. We like it more like NeXT... and it has
> it's menu in the upper left corner (normally). And the menu is not
> horizontal, 
> it's vertical. And so we are thinking about this change.

If you want to do that, perhaps it would be better to change gtk to make menus
"themeable". I know raster made this with pushbuttons, but I don't know if
anybody is still working on it.
This way, you simply could tell gtk to use the WMaker theme and swallow the
menu. Then other WMs could also implement this feature in their way.

Raul Wegmann <>
10-Jun-98 22:23:25

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