Ok, first time posting, hope this works... :(

Greetings Gnome users !

I'm in the recovery and recouperation process after installing those
wonderful .20 gnome rpms *grin*. I've decided that using the --force
option is a bad thing and i wont use it again, the same goes for rpm's

Question-> What is Mico and how does it fit in with the gnome project
? I tried to compile gnome-core, but apparently i need mico .. so i
tried to compile that, Well suffice it to say, it was a total
disaster, I haven't got it working yet.  Trying to figure out what g++
libs i have installed, which compiler versions, etc, etc, etc. Its
been a very rough road. Hopefully there is some way to get around this
mico (ie. rm -rf ./mico) and compile the rest cleanly ?

p.s. Keep up the good work Mike and Marc *grin*

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