Re: Gnome Panel size/width

On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Chris Dodd wrote:
> I was browsing around the various settings files on my computer,
> when I noticed a setting for the panel.  I believe it is set to 76
> pixels, but if I change it to say 56, it reverts to 76 anyway.
hmm, where is that setting? I didn't find it.
> Is this related to various applets and/or icons of applications
> that I have in the panel? 

Yes, the panel resizes itself so the bigest of the applet's can fit into

It would be better the other way round, being able to resize the panel,
and the applet's can resize themself approbiatly. (having a function
similar to change_orient, for resizing)

Still, code is better than talk, so i'll shut up now. 

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