Re: Just some ideas

> Michael> Has anyone considered using ldap?  Or at least providing
> Michael> support to it?  It would give access to an already defined
> Michael> and extensible directory architecture that is on its way to
> Michael> becomming an internet standard.
> I think it makes the most sense to use CORBA, and provide an LDAP
> bridge for those using LDAP.  That way I only have to add CORBA and
> not LDAP into Emacs to get full interoperability with the rest of
> Gnome :-)

Err, actually, i meant using LDAP as the _base_ of the whole service.

If one wanted to layer corba ontop of that afterwards, it would be a
cinch and more generally useful (the corba services not being so
closely tied to gnome).

Remember, things like netscape already support ldap directories
natively, and the api is pretty simple.

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