Re: Just some ideas

robert havoc pennington wrote:

> There isn't a central addressbook but I think it's an excellent idea and
> not even that difficult to implement, if someone wanted to give it a try.
> Of course you'd want to store lots of info - email, URL, name, address,
> phone, etc. Maybe have BBDB compatibility. The one problem is that it'll
> be hard to integrate into existing apps like Balsa before CORBA is
> working.

a global address book is, imo, a _very_ good idea; unfortunately i can't
program or i'd have started on it already.

as far as the feature set goes, i'd recommend two excellent existing
address-book apps as models: the former claris corporation's "claris
organizer" for macintosh, and, of course, 3com's palmpilot software.

in regards to the latter, palm-pilot sync software and a conduit for
this global address book would perfect the suite: any address "beamed"
into a user's palm-iii would be available to all other gnome apps
including mailers, mail-merge wordprocessors, etc. etc... sounds like a
winning combination to me.
"Whoever saves one life saves the whole world in time." --Talmud

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