Re: XML and GNOME community

On 6 Jun 1998, Bud Rogers wrote:
> I'm a little confused by that.  Qt is (now) a component part of my system.
> Motif is not and never has been.  It seems to me that any valid argument
> that makes Motif OK would be equally valid for Qt, and any valid argument
> against Qt would be equally valid against Motif.  It seems to me there's
> some mighty fine hair-splitting going on there.

Maybe so, but let's not start the thread here. I think you can find plenty
on this in gnu.misc.discuss on DejaNews. Gnome uses neither Qt nor Motif,
so we avoid the issue.

I hope no one will post on this topic - it is way off-topic, and has been
rehashed many times.

Havoc Pennington ====

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