Re: Proper way to compile GMC?

Tom Tromey wrote:
> >> ORBit is in the CVS repo.  It could use volunteers to help with
> >> various tasks -- writing an ORB is not trivial.
> Christopher> There's no TODO file in there and there's no traffic on
> Christopher> the orbit list that I can tell.  Any hints on how far it
> Christopher> is right now?  There aren't even any ChangeLog's. :)
> Elliot doesn't use ChangeLogs, so there aren't any there.  You can
> sort of use "cvs log" as a replacement, if you don't mind running it
> on lots of different files.

Oy!  Someone should tell Elliot that the ChangeLog is a _good_ thing.
:)  It allows you to look at the status and changes in a bunch of files
in one place and it means that the log of changes is not directly
associated with the management system that you are using.  Not everyone
uses CVS.  I prefer to use it but others may not.  Elliot was on the
emacs team.  It's "C-x 4 a",'s easy. :)

> I don't know about the IIOP code, but in the ORB proper all the
> function stubs are there; the ones that still need to be written just
> call assert.
> You have to read the CORBA v2.2 spec in order to understand what the
> functions have to do.
> Based on grepping for "assert" in the ORB code, I'd say it isn't very
> far along at all.  But you can help change that!  :-)
> Tom

I have the specs for 2.2 at home which I started to read but got
distracted.  I've also been reading about OLE2 and COM for some of the
stuff that Miguel is getting into.  I'll see what I can do with what
time I have.



Christopher Blizzard
AppliedTheory Communications, Inc.

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