Re: Proper way to compile GMC?

>> ORBit is in the CVS repo.  It could use volunteers to help with
>> various tasks -- writing an ORB is not trivial.

Christopher> There's no TODO file in there and there's no traffic on
Christopher> the orbit list that I can tell.  Any hints on how far it
Christopher> is right now?  There aren't even any ChangeLog's. :)

Elliot doesn't use ChangeLogs, so there aren't any there.  You can
sort of use "cvs log" as a replacement, if you don't mind running it
on lots of different files.

I don't know about the IIOP code, but in the ORB proper all the
function stubs are there; the ones that still need to be written just
call assert.

You have to read the CORBA v2.2 spec in order to understand what the
functions have to do.

Based on grepping for "assert" in the ORB code, I'd say it isn't very
far along at all.  But you can help change that!  :-)


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