Re: XML and GNOME community

Poor example.  Just re-configure the fire-wall to let it through, or
pipe it through a tunnel (yes, lets open a remote system
administration port to the whole world?  I dont think so ...).

Either way, they are merely tcp connections, which is what firewalls
are designed to have fine control over ...

XML might be ok for a clip board, or DnD, but does it have the
richness and performance and semantics for remote object


> Ok, how about this.  Lets suppose that I have Gnome and so does a machine
> locate at the South pole (surrounded by penguins of course).  Lets further 
> suppose there is a firewall between me and the remote machine.  Once more, 
> structures, GNOME instead used XML.  Now I can drive CORBA software components
> (such as the hypothetical sys-admin tool) on the remote machine via HTTP,
> which all but the most draconian firewalls let through.
> Just my $0.02,

     ///   `... thinking is an exercise to which all too few brains
    ///     are accustomed.' - First Lensman, E.E. `Doc' Smith
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