Re: XML and GNOME community

> I'm not sure about this. I know the Mozilla license is incompatible with
> the GPL, and there are problems with using another MPL'd library in GNOME,
> so...

	I have a feeling that this was changed...  I found this on

 SomeNet, the open-source IRC Network will be hosting RMS on Saturday,
June 13,at 1:30pm Eastern Richard Stallman (aka RMS)  will be speaking on
various topics, such as planned changes for GPL3, Why NPL counts as free
software, Why "free" is the correct term and Free/proprietary issues
regarding GIMP and Photoshop plugins. Does this mean he's reversed his
opposition to the NPL or has the NPL been modified as per his

	So it may be that NPL has been made "GPL compatible."  Mmm...


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