Re: JAVA in Gnome?

>  Many people recognized that one of the best quality of gnome was the support
>  to multiple langages. But If I am not sure there is a Jav VM in gnome, 
>  how can I write apps in java for Gnome?

There is no need for a Java VM in Gnome.  What is needed is a package
of Java bindings for the Gnome stuff (Gtk and the Gnome framework
libraries).  Presumably those bindings can be made to work with
different VMs.

I know very little about Java's internals, so I don't know whether it
would be better to make an AWT module that talks to Gtk, or rather not
to use AWT at all and just create "direct" Gtk bindings for Java in the
spirit of ObGtk or Gtk--.

>  So the question is, who decides if gnome apps can be written in Java?

Nobody does.  If there are Gnome bindings for language X, then people
can write Gnome apps in language X.


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