Re: gnome-lib-0.13 compile problems


On Mon, 1 Jun 1998, Chris Hall wrote:

> i noticed that the gtk+ available at is 1.1 and mine is
> 1.0.2...Debian does not offer the 1.1 version as of yet and due to
> dependencies, I would have to remove any and all apps that require gtk
> before removing the gtk packages...(i can force it, but that would be
> messy)...
> any info would be appreciated...thanks

You could e.g. remove all libgtk-dev files and dependants (libgtkmm-dev). 
Then cvs checkout the cvs gtk+ version and compile it with
--prefix=/usr/local. The library name changed to libgtk-1.1. You can have
both libraries, the old and the new one, installed on you computer. But
you have to reconfigure and recompile all your gnome stuff for the new
library, inclusive mico an d imlib, cause your installed gnome progs
depend all on the old libgtk.

I donīt know about the status of the cvs debian file inclusion. I have
seen a debian directory in the gtk+ tree, but didnīt tried it, yet.


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