Re: GNOME GTK-- Projects

John R Sheets <> writes:
> Would it be practical to add a quick (boolean) check to the
> Gtk_Text (or whichever objects need it) to see if the object has
> been realized yet, and to auto-realize it if the code tries to
> insert text into an un-realized object?  For example,

Hmm, I think this issue has been coming up many times before -- I wonder
why we didnt do it last time... I'll implement it now and will look if
it makes some problems. (though I think it should be implemented inside
gtk+, not inside gtk--!!)

> I'm definitely a fan of exception handling.  Granted, I'm
> somewhat new to the UNIX end of things, but would there be any
> way to write a class to attach to stderr and parse its output,
> looking for errors?  Or is GTK+ consistent enough in its
> reporting formats to make this feasible?  Perhaps a virtual
> exception scheme would be possible, where a GTK+ error string
> would trigger an exception throw that GTK-- could pick up?  I
> don't know.  I'm just tossing ideas out like playing cards right
> now...

Oh no, something that plays with output is evil. :) Much easier to
change gtk. Thank god we have the choice to change gtk :)

> Do you mean that we can't really use full exception handling
> because of the compilers, so it's almost a moot point anyway? 
> And by "disable it" do you mean disable exception handling in
> case someone tries to use gtk-- with a compiler that has NO
> exception support?  

Yes, everyone in the world cannot use exception handling even if
they'd like to. There might be several reasons, broken compilers are
one. (everyone does not have newest compiler, if you want your application
be useful to those people too, better have choice for not having exceptions.)

(anyway, C++'s exceptions are *really* hard to use correctly.. if you
ever read GOTW's from comp.lang.c++.moderated, you'll know what I mean)

-- Tero Pulkkinen -- --

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