Re: Mico 2.0.6 woes

> From: Peter R Wainwright <>
> When I started with Gnome a month or so ago I grabbed Mico 2.0.6 off the
> website But I have never
> able to get gnome-core to compile without modification. 

	I'm in the same boat - also, I cannot seem to get 2.0.5 to compile
(probably just me though as I thout that 2.0.6 should work with the
makefile modifications.)
> More seriously, the panel just exits immediately. I had to add
> after each boa_ptr->impl_is_ready() call, in and
	Snap! (I haven't fixed that yet though), I'm gonna give your fix a go.

> Has anyone else had these problems with 2.0.6, or are you all using
> Maybe this is why the MICO version was hard-wired into the Makefiles...?
	Possibly, who knows.

	Dave Sexton

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