Re: CVS -- I see the light!

James Smith <> writes:
> Raja R Harinath <> writes:
> > James Smith <> writes:
> > > I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but randomly choosing three
> > > gnome-packages in the CVS tree, I found none could be built.
> > > macros/ is missing from all three.  
> > Where did you get the code.  If you got it out of Jim Pick's CVS
> > snapshots ftp server, you will have to get the `gnome-common' module,
> > and put symlinks in every package to gnome-common's `macros' and `intl'
> > subdirs.  You'll also need a symlink in `gnome-libs' to gnome-common's
> > `support' subdir.
> I got the code off the cvs tree as described on
> except I didn't get them
> module by module, just all at once (in two passes, local and remote cvs
> got out of step part way through the first try).  We'll see how it goes.


There's two sets of misinterpretations here.  

First, you misinterpreted Soren's instructions, and did what it told you
not to do (`cvs update -z3' for the initial checkout).

The second thing is the Soren thinks that the GNOME page says to use
`cvs update -z3' for the initial checkout -- it sure doesn't (it may
have changed recently -- but as far as I can remember, that page never
said you can use `cvs update' for the initial checkout).

Soren's page says:

  Getting the Sources Through CVS

  Now that you have a place cleared for the sources and the binaries,
  you can get gnome through CVS. Go into the base directory (in my case,
  /usr/src/gnomecvs), and type

    export CVSROOT=''
    (if you're using a sh-and-relatives shell) 


     setenv CVSROOT '' 
     (if you're using a C-shell-and-realtives shell), 

  and then type cvs login. You'll get a prompt CVS login:.  Just hit
  enter because there's no password (at least now). This is the only
  time you'll every have to explicitly log into the server; your
  password will be saved in ~/.cvspass for future use. Now you can get
  the sources. Rather than using cvs -z3 update -d like the GNOME web
  page tells you to, I recommend checking the modules out one at a time
  as you're going to compile/install them, because the CVS server is
  very slow and it takes a long time to get anything. What you do is
  type cvs -z3 checkout [modulename].

The GNOME anoncvs instructions:

    $ export CVSROOT=''
    $ cvs login
    (there is no password, just hit return)
->  $ cvs -z3 checkout gnome-core
    (or any of the modules described below)

    Please use the -z3 option to minimize network bandwidth (-z9 eats too much
    CPU time - please don't use it)

->  After you have checked the code out, you can use:

->  $ cvs -z3 update -d

    To update your repository.

    I strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the cvs
    documentation.  (It's much easier reading if you print it out,
    and read it offline)

- Hari 
PS: All this is probably because CVS `checkout' started putting a
CVS/ directory in the parent directory of the module.
Raja R Harinath ------------------------------
"When all else fails, read the instructions."      -- Cahn's Axiom
"Our policy is, when in doubt, do the right thing."   -- Roy L Ash

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