About Boxes Re: The Help Menu

On %M, 0, Bowie Poag <bjp@primenet.com> wrote:
> > > A simple little Gnome Footprint present in the menu bar of each apps
> > > window would do the trick nicely, at first thought. I'm open to
> > > suggestions. Even yours, Tom. ;) hee

> > I think it would be bad to over-use the GNOMEprint in such a fashion. It
> > already has a use, which is to signify menus/drawers on the panel.
> > "About" should stay under help, because (1) that is where it has always
> > been, and (2) knowing the copyright and version info is a form of
> > "Help." Besides, do we have to flaunt convention simply because we can?

> Hmm.. Well, I agree. Simply from an aesthetic standpoint, overuse of the
> footprint would be a bad idea. Agreed. :)

> However.. Continuing to throw "About.." under Help, simply because "its
> always been done that way" may be a mistake. Sure, traditionally, thats
> always where it has ended up -- But think about it, for a second. Does it
> really belong there? How does selecting "About.." effectively *HELP* you?

There is a reason the "Help" menu has that.  "Help" is what (like they
tend to do) Apple renamed the documentation.  Documentation has
traditionally, and continues (among other thins, I beleive for legal
reasons) to have a copyright message in it.

I'd prefer to see the Help menu be called Docs or something like that, but
I doubt that's happening soon.

> It doesn't. :)  See?

> It belongs in the here-to-for unnamed "Program/Gnome/(foot)" menu. :)

Actually, that's not a bad place for more documentation too.

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