Re: Troubles building out of cvs; I want only gmc, how?

On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, Paul Johnson wrote:
> I only want the newest gmc, but I started to build the whole gnome.
> I found the gnome-objc was not written for the same version of gtk+
> from the cvs, and the gmc compiled against it did not work in detailed
> listing mode (could not select files, widgets all skewed ).

gmc doesn't use gnome-objc, no need to build gnome-objc
> So, here is the question. If I want only to run gmc, none of the gnome
> stuff (until there is a stable working release package), what is the
> minimal list of stuff I have to guild.  From looking at the gmc header
> files, it looks like I need gtk (what version, I can't tell), and
> gnome-libs.  Gnome-libs needs ORBit, but does it need MICO still?

Nope, gnome-libs doesn't need ORBit or Mico.

You need:


Built and installed in that order.

Havoc Pennington ====

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