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On 31-Jul-98 Niclas Anderberg wrote:

> I know you want a gnome look and feel to all applications, but why not
> hack the user interface of for instance knews, ddd etc. instead
> of writing
> ALL of the application from scratch. 

Make a contribution then. A Knews (don't know if it is GPL though) that
is Gnome-aware and have offline capabilities would please a great deal
of people, I'm sure.

> You see, i am already quite comfortable with my apps as they are. I
> have
> used pretty much the same tools for my basic needs for 4-5 years. I
> am
> sure as h*ll not going to change my habits and go for a tool that is
> in
> alpha stage, and i would be afraid to use half the time (since i
> don't
> develop gnome stuff i want my emailprogram to work 100%). And lets
> face
> it, for all those products to become stable you will have to wait
> years.
> KDE got the basic tools stable pretty quick, because they made them
> themselves, but there seems to be less control in gnome (which is
> good in
> some aspects), which will delay the tools we _need_ to use.

There is nothing to stop you to use those tools under Gnome. I use
Netstape and Applix under Gnome's control and it works well plus the
email program I write this in (xfmail which is an xforms appl.) and
have no problems.

> 1) Make all the common windowmanagers (fvwm, windowmaker, twm,
> afterstep
> for instance) gnomeaware. There you have a _huge_ leap over kde,
> since to
> be able to utilise all the features of kde you need to use kwm which
> sucks
> bigtime.

Work is area is being done, if I understand things correct.
Gnome-'awareness' for Afterstep is under development, the
same for Enlightment, fvwm (called fvwmgnome) and so on.

> 2) Make the most basic favourite apps, like knews, xemacs, netscape,
> x11amp etc. gnome aware. This will totally kill KDE in my opinion.

Again I say, make a contribution. Take one of those applications and
patch it so it is Gnome aware and send the patch to the owner of
the program or publish the patch yourself. 


I think Gnome is a very good initiative and should be supported on all


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