Apology And Questions

First, sorry for the repeated question, I just discovered that my mail
forwarding was not working properly, so if you responded to my last
questions they did not get to me.

Questions:   (I have RH51 and the current version of Gnome installed)

1.    My pwr mgmnt and screensaver functions seem to have some problems.
both on my desktop and notebook, the pwr-mngmt on the desktop causes the
screen to look as if it is about to fail, but then goes into the pwr
mngmt function successfully, however, on the notbook it freezes the
whole system and forces me to reboot.  On BOTH system the screen saver
works the first time but following times bring back an error message on
the screen:

xclok, could not grab keyboard!  (1)
xscreensaver: child pid 362 (xlock) exited abnormally (code 1).

2.    Can the size of the TASKBAR be manipulated/elliminated?  Can Icons
be added to the descktop as apposed to the taskbar?

3.  What is the easiest Database and GUI interface to install and use on
RH51 and Gnome?



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