Re: How is the gnome-common package used?

Yes,,,'s are the 
most important (others are needed if you make libs but I haven't got
there yet.) Most everything else is copyied from gnome-common or

The in the root of your source is mostly a file to points
to other subdirs.

the <subdir>/ builds your code. The important things are
the PROGRAMS (I think that was it) var. It contains a list of
executable file to be made. Then each program has a list of things
like <program>_SOURCES, <program>_LIBS, etc.

There are other vars in there made or passed by configure. that is why
I suggest copying a simple one and modifying it.

We I get home, I will tar the beginning of my CVS front-end, which
right now is little more than the gnome-hello-4-sm test program pulled
out to build by itself. Anyway, I'll put it in a tarball and put it on
my homepage with some directions. It is a good simple place to start


---John R Sheets <> wrote:
> So, is this a complete list of the files you have to create/edit?
> (one for each compilable directory)
> I assume that the for your main directory is
> significantly different from the you use for
> subdirectories...?
> This would be quite a juicy little FAQ topic, hint hint hint.
> John
> Frater Reklaw wrote:
> > 
> > I just figured this out last night. If you need more, I'll email my
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