Problems with GTK+, objc and mc

I built gnome from the cvs last thursday and friday, and I was disappointed
that gmc did not work in detailed listing mode.  I can't select files,
directory double-clicks produce random changes. The big icon view is OK.

So I figured it may be fixed in cvs, and downloaded new stuff from cvs.

Now I can't even build gnome-objc because it is looking for gtkaccelerator.h,
which is not included in gtk+ 1.1.0.  I suspect that the problems I had
with mc may have been due to a version mismatch between gtk and mc, but
that's only a guess.

Should I get the "stable" gtk1.0.5 and forget the stuff from the CVS tree?

Or, if I wait, will gnome-objc and mc be retooled to suit the gtk in cvs.

I'm a newbie at CVS and gnome commpiling, so take it easy on me.

Paul E. Johnson            
Dept. of Political Science 
University of Kansas                 Office: (913) 864-9086
Lawrence, Kansas 66045               FAX: (913) 864-5700

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