Re: Periodic Releases

> Just a thought, as to why periodic revisions are a good thing.  But as
> might be the case, to work on the inner workings of Gnome, one might just
> have to be a core developer with an above average amount of time to spend
> on it, rather than a casual developer, and perhaps Gnome isn't yet ready
> for the casual developer to have a large part in the development process.
> Questions, comments, etc. ?

I agree with you.  Starting next week, we would try to make releases
more often.  

The plan is to make a gnome-libs, gnome-core and gnome-utils release
next week.  I would like to try to get owners or maintainers for the
various GNOME modules.  The idea is to have these maintainers/owners
have their own release cycle.

Having a single person coordinating the release of all of GNOME is too
much work, so we need to split this task.


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