Re: Something is missing, Gnome apps have no Face wrote:
> Neat idea, but what purpose would it serve?

To give gnome apps some character, a unifying theme,, current gnome
apps are bland and dull looking .. just another ordinary gtk as far as
apps are concerned, the gnome foot will give the app its 'seal of

> For UI's you shouldn't just put something in to make it glizty, it
> be there to be functional (the netscape logo tells you it's

Maybe we can have the gnome-foot glow in a rainbow of pyscheodelic
colours or stomp like a bear ? Who here is good with gimp ?? :-)

> but it too is a little glitzy). I'm all for nice looking ui's,
that's for
> sure, but this is *one* of the things ms does w/ their os; they put
> in just to make it look nice.

There is nothing wrong with that at all, making things look eye
pleasing *can be* a good thing, as long as it doesn't effect the
integrity of the core code of the client

> Why do GNOME apps need to look different than gtk apps?

What is the point of all this gnome stuff then?

> Chris
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