Something is missing, Gnome apps have no Face

Hello Gnome Users, Developers and Lurkers ! ;-) Welcome to the
wonderful world of the internet :)

I hope this is the proper forum or setting for a question like this...

something has been bugging me about how Gnome apps look and feel... to
me, they look just like any other gtk app out there.. there is nothing
exactly wrong with that.. but there is no way to differentiate a
non-gnome app from a gnome app (visually) (or maybe there is?
enlighten me(tear bars are one of them?)... i had sort of an idea,,
maybe ya guys can toss this around if its worth anything..

how about requiring every gnome app insert a nice little pixmap of the
gnome foot in the upper right hand corner of the main client window..
Netscape does it (animated netscape image in navigator, messenger
mailbox, collabra)...

this would give a consistent feel for the gnome apps that are out
there, i dont believe tear bars are enough to clue people in that its
a gnome app.. In my opinion, we need something that will unify the
apps, and improve their appearance in some minor way, a flashy little
gnome logo wouldn't hurt.. it wouldn't have to be big or animated or
eye popping, just an ordinary gnome foot (or whatever that thing is)

hey, flame me if you wish, thats alright ;-) just a thought..

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