Re: Style: Universal vs. GNOME-specific

It's nice to see something constructive going on here, so I guess it's
safe for me to post again.

I think that the GNOME guide should be as applicable to ALL UI's as it
possibly can (like Exit being at the bottom of the File menu [which I
don'te really agree with but we'll let that slide for now] and Help
being the right-most menu item), but what we should say is "Look, this
pertains to GNOME, this is what we believe a good UI should be, and you
are free to use it as you would like."  Kind of like an "Open-Source Style
Guide": we have a way of doing it, and if you don't like something, you
can change it, and if we like your change we're free to include it.

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On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, John R Sheets wrote:

>Does anyone have an opinion on whether the style guide should
>differentiate between universal UI issues that could
>(potentially) apply to _any_ UI but that GNOME officially
>endorses, and issues that can only apply to GNOME?
>Am I making sense?  Does anyone have a good reason why this is
>_not_ a good idea?

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