Re: gnome-libs requires gtk 1.1?

Andrew> I posted a message about gnome-libs failing to compile
Andrew> (GtkEnumValue wasn't in any header files).  I had gtk 1.0.4,
Andrew> and I just got gtk 1.1, and it works.  Should the autoconf
Andrew> script should check for gtk 1.1 now?

I thought it did check.  Maybe the result of the check isn't being
used somewhere?  I'm afraid I don't remember your original bug report,

Andrew> I would do it myself, but I'm having problems learning m4.
Andrew> Could someone explain this: in the m4 info pages, it says you
Andrew> can define macros with:

Andrew> define('macro_name', 'argument one is $1')
Andrew> macro_name('first argument')

Andrew> but I've only found it to work without the quotes on the
Andrew> macro_name.

Writing autoconf code isn't exactly like writing m4 macros.  Autoconf
disables a lot of the m4 builtins, and it changes the default quote
characters to [ and ].


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