Daily RPMS (was Re: gnome-paper )


 We've stopped making the daily RPMs. It was becoming a large time sink,
and we felt they were undermining the engineering by the GNOME community 
of true releases. Instead we put energy into helping engineering the 0.20 

 We feel GNOME developers using CVS should make regular stable releases
via tarballs of their packages, like the gedit and mc teams do. It would also
help to split out alot of the software which for legacy reasons is
lumped together into CVS modules (gnome-utils, for example). I would certainly
recommend all new project get their own top-level module in CVS. This will
help distributions when they package GNOME, for example. It would be bad to
have to re-release all of gnome-core just because of a bug in a panel

Dr Mike

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