Re: probs

On Sun, 26 Jul 1998, Dave Muench wrote:

> I'm having problems getting to work (any of them) in the CVS
> sources I've checked out. Here's what happens:
> ./configure: check_bash_input: buffer already exists for new fd 64
> Then configure core dumps. Running configure manually instead of using
> produces the same result. I believe I have all the required
> tools and versions, but I must be missing something..
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You are probably trying to run or configure from a gnome
terminal.  Sometimes, fd's get messed up and configure just stops working.
Try quitting your terminal and trying again.  If that doesn't work, try
running autogen on a standard console instead of under X.  That will
usually do the trick.  I haven't been able to track down this bug, but I
think it has something to do with gnome terminal not handling child
processes right.

Neil Vachharajani

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