problems with jade and RedHat 5.1

    Martin> But there is some other problem with it - when I try to
    Martin> produce ``normal'' HTML output, all I get is a core dump.

    Martin> I have the jade 1.1.1 rpm from Cygnus recompiled on RH 5.1
    Martin> with egcs-c++.  The core dump is very large and the
    Martin> backtrace shows me that it seems to be a stack overflow in
    Martin> _start () before execution reaches main ().

We are all out of luck: James Clark says that jade will not work with
egcs, or even with gcc-2.8.

I noticed something worse: I just installed RedHat 5.1, and it comes
with both gcc- and egcs.  But there is no g++ compiler for  It's really weird:

<124 papageno->gnome> /usr/bin/gcc --version
<125 papageno->gnome> /usr/bin/g++ --version
egcs-2.90.27 980315 (egcs-1.0.2 release)
<126 papageno->gnome>
<127 papageno->gnome> /usr/bin/gcc -V egcs-2.90.27 --version
<128 papageno->gnome>

I wonder if something went agley during the installation.

I have just downloaded gcc- from and am installing
it on my RedHat 5.1 machine.  I will then rework all the RPMs that
contain executables (I think that's only jade).

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