I've been mucking some more with WindowMaker and Gnome, and have 
discovered a wonderfull way to make it play nice.

The biggest problem with Gnome and WindowMaker is the Panel/Dock
issue... the two are pretty much mutually exclusive.  But just
about everyone who loves WindowMaker loves it because they
love the Dock.

Well, in the latest couple of CVS versions of Gnome, you can create
multiple panels... in this particular case, we're intersted in a
"corner" panel.   It's a smaller version of the panel, that sites
in a corner (go figure.. <grin>).  

It works great to house the gnome main menu, and maybe Wanda the
fish, while the dock takes care of what it was intended to:

Hold applications and executable programs. :)

Works like a charm.  I keep the panel in the NorthWest corner,
and all is love.

Anyway, I'll have a screenshot and some info on the GnomeMaker
site here in a while.


Adam Jacob                  E-Mail: <>
Systems Administrator       WWW:
Cyber Trails                "Unix is a four letter word...
602-906-1752                 VI is a two letter abbreviation"

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