Re: RANT!!! (was Re: ORBit and gint64 Re: ORBit gmake fails)

Todd> This would require actually incrementing version numbers and all
Todd> other sorts of Miguel-level authorization; it would also require
Todd> that everyone get all of their changes casually debugged and
Todd> checked into the tree before 3PM every Friday when whoever (I'd
Todd> be happy to give it a go) did their checkout and began building
Todd> the packages.  I do think that it would help things for
Todd> developers who can only put in <10 hours / week, and that's a
Todd> not-insignificant portion of the potential developer pool out
Todd> there.

Todd> How crazy am I?

I thought we had daily RPMs.  Would those not work for your purposes?
Installing 10 RPMs (or whatever) isn't much worse than installing 1.
I agree that this doesn't really solve the versioning problem in the
best possible way.  But if you just always install all of them, then
this would work.

This sucks if you have a slow net connection.

I admit I don't follow the RPM situation at all.  So maybe they are
gone now, or maybe they never even existed.  I dunno.

Another approach for the developer with limited time would be to just
not update as frequently.  This is probably a viable approach if you
are working on an application that isn't being worked on by anybody
else.  In this case you'd only have to do a full update/build for
integration testing before commits.


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