Re: DocBook -> Texinfo (via DSSSL) Proof-of-Concept Demo writes:
> Maciej Stachowiak <> writes:
> > Writing raw output in the stylesheet is probably a bad idea in light
> > of this. However, Texinfo is considerably higher-level than HTML, it's
> > probably closer to the DocBook level of abstraction. Will it realy be
> > possible to use the same stylesheet to generate it, with an
> > appropriate Jade backend?
> The printing version of the stylesheet can be used with the jadetex
> backend of jade.  And JadeTeX itself is at least at Texinfo level.

OK, in that case I'll believe it. I should read the docs in question
more thoroughly.

> > Anyway, this is another reason why, IMO, we should set up a mailing
> > list and figure out implementation technology before going any
> > further.
> I agree and this was the intention of my first comment.  If time
> permits I'll answer the questions.

I know you're a busy guy and such, but it will probably be less work
to point those of us with more time on our hands than clue about the
technology in the right direction, than to eventually do the work
yourself. Your input will be much appreciated.

I'd appreciate it if someone with access to a big list server can set
up a db2texi list. If no one chimes in by tomorrow, I will try to set
up such a list myself, but in that case it may need to move elsewhere
after a year or so.

 - Maciej

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