Re: DocBook -> Texinfo (via DSSSL) Proof-of-Concept Demo

Maciej Stachowiak <> writes:

> Writing raw output in the stylesheet is probably a bad idea in light
> of this. However, Texinfo is considerably higher-level than HTML, it's
> probably closer to the DocBook level of abstraction. Will it realy be
> possible to use the same stylesheet to generate it, with an
> appropriate Jade backend?

The printing version of the stylesheet can be used with the jadetex
backend of jade.  And JadeTeX itself is at least at Texinfo level.

> Anyway, this is another reason why, IMO, we should set up a mailing
> list and figure out implementation technology before going any
> further.

I agree and this was the intention of my first comment.  If time
permits I'll answer the questions.

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