Re: RANT!!! (was Re: ORBit and gint64 Re: ORBit gmake fails)

On 23 Jul 1998, Tom Tromey wrote:

> If you have the time, you could just rebuild from the ground up.  If
A partial GNOME build (including on top: gnome-libs, gnome-core,
gnome-objc, gnome-guile, gnome-utils) takes about 2 hours on a AMD K6/200.
That means recompiling everything including the glib and installing it.

> you keep your build tree around, this might not even take too long (I
Keeping the build tree doesn't work to well with the RPM philosophy.
Perhaps one day, I'll switch to a non-RPMified development system, and
install gnome in /opt/devel or something like this.
> typically delete my glib/gtk+ build trees, so for me it is still
> somewhat painful).
> You could easily set up a cron job to do this periodically.
I haven't done this yet, but this is definitly a possibility.
> Unfortunately, in some cases it will require manual intervention, at
> least if you want to keep the build tree around.  If you don't mind
> building from scratch every time, then it can be entirely automated.
That's what my little stupid rpmbuild script does. Just check it out, from
the CVS, and configure it, and add it to the crontab.
(It actually builds and installs RPMs, so it must run as root. :( )


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