Re: my CVS instructions


I just had a little look at your CVS instructions and found some little
mistake in it:

>  Example: logview and gxsnmp in the gnome-admin package always screw up, so I changed the lines in the
> gnome-admin Makefile from
> DIST_SUBDIRS = po intl macros gulp gxsnmp logview
> to
> DIST_SUBDIRS = po intl macros gulp
> so that gxsnmp and logview wouldn't be compiled.

This doesn't work. You need to change `DIST_SUBDIRS' into `SUBDIRS'.

[Just to know what `DIST_SUBDIRS' is good for:]

For instance, I have the following in `libgtop/support/':

SUBDIRS		= @sysdeps_dir@ common $(names_SUBDIRS) $(guile_SUBDIRS)

DIST_SUBDIRS	= common guile linux kernel names osf1 stub sun4

`@sysdeps_dir@' is set from `' to one of either `linux',
`kernel', `osf1', `sun4' or `stub' - $(names_SUBDIRS) is either `names'
of `' (empty), same with $(guile_SUBDIRS).

In such cases, it's necessary to list _all possible_ directories in
`DIST_SUBDIRS' so they get included when you make a distribution -
if you remove something from `DIST_SUBDIRS' it won't go into the
distribution when you run a `make dist' but it doesn't mean that it
won't get compile - you have to take it out of `SUBDIRS' if you
just don't want to compile something.

                                * * *

Well, the rest of your tutorial is really good - perhaps some little
comment about `cvs update': sometimes some directories are removed
from CVS again (like libgtop/src/proxy) - so users should better do a
`cvs update -d -P' to get rid of these empty directories.

You suggestion to check out modules separately is really good - doing
a `cvs update -d' like mentioned on the Gnome Web page really needs *lot*
of disk space (I last tried this some months ago) and - when you do a
`strace cvs update -d' you'll find out that it needs a lot of time on
startup to stat () every single file in CVS, ... - especially if it gets
interupted and restarted for some reason (network error, user too
impatient, ...) this'll cause a lot of unneccessary network traffic.

So it's really better to check out the modules separately. Your nice
script also checks them out in the correct order, so people with slow
network connections to the United States (Germany, ...) can start
compiling while it's running ...

Well, normally checking out `gnome-common' shouldn't be necessary - it
just consists of the `intl', `support' and `macros' directories and
you also get them together with ervery module that needs them.

Soren Harward <> writes:

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