Re: A Gnome Front-End to CVS


On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Frater Reklaw wrote:

> To:
> Subject: A Gnome Front-End to CVS
> From: Frater Reklaw <>
> Hi, 
> I am considering writing a GNOME frontend to CVS.
> It is still very early in the planning staging.
> I would like to hear any suggestions, esp. if you think it is a good
> or bad idea for whatever reason.

Well, there are some problems with cvs mode in emacs which make it
useless in the gnome project so a good cvs frontent would be nice.

For developers, it should have at least more or less everything
(without the bugs, of cause) that cvs mode of emacs have:

1.) display result of `cvs update'

2.) let you select files in 1.) and make diffs

3.) let you create changelog entries

4.) commit the result

for users:

5.) let them update their working copy

For developers again, somethimes one has different versions of a
module in different directories


which sometimes contain code from different brances - it would be
nice to have some tool to deal with this, i.e. like some kind of
filemanager let you browse the directories, ...

Also, you should have a look at Gnome Bonsai, the Web-based CVS tool -
I personally find it very cool, but it's web-based so you need a web
browser - it would be nice to have some cool gnome application for
this ...

Finally, perhaps for FreeBSD something like cvsup ?

(Just a little wish list that all ...)

Do you have some experience with guile ? If emacs somethimes supports
guile instead of emacs-lisp one could easily re-use the code for a better
cvs mode ... Also, if you want to program this in guile, you can perhaps
use some code from pcl-cvs ? Just as a suggestion ...


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