Re: ORBit

On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Todd Graham Lewis wrote:

> I _just_ got finished solving the same problem.  I just changed the last
> 7 lines of ORBit/src/ORBitutil/basic_types.h to the following:
> 	typedef long long CORBA_long_long;
> 	typedef unsigned long long CORBA_unsigned_long_long;
> 	typedef CORBA_long_long GIOP_long_long;
> 	typedef CORBA_unsigned_long_long GIOP_unsigned_long_long;
> 	/* #endif */
> 	#endif

Sorry; I also commented out the:

/* #ifdef HAVE_GINT64 */
/* #endif */

pair.  Presumably this is a silly glibc issue with my Redhat 5.05 system,
so I just slapped a little duct tape on it...

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