Re: XFree86 specific extensions used in gnome?

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Date: 21. júlí 1998 20:29
Subject: Re: XFree86 specific extensions used in gnome?

>On 21 Jul, John R Sheets shouted:
>->  Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>->  >
>->  > > I got this running keyboard-properties and mouse-properties:
>->  > >
>->  > > Xlib:  extension "XFree86-Misc" missing on display
>->  > >
>->  > > The display is an Exceed X server running on Win95.
>->  >
>->  > Oh, they die?  That is so very strange, as they dont die when I use
>->  > Indy running IRIX.
>->  >
>->  > > ** ERROR **: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
>->  > >   serial 38 error_code 8 request_code 72 minor_code 0
>->  > >
>->  > > ...which the compile faq attributes to a bad imlib. The imlib I'm
using is a
>->  > > recent one from CVS. I'm gonna double check if those are really the
>->  > > I've been linking with. In the mean time, if anyone knows other
reasons for
>->  > > the BadMatch, be sure to let me know.
>->  >
>->  > I do believe this is an Imlib problem.  I am running a very old Imlib
>->  > due to the problems with Imlib in 24 bpp displays.  I wonder if
>->  > has looked at this?
>I'vbe looked and looked. Imlbi runs remotely and locally in 24bpp,
>1`5,16bpp, 8bpp etc.. on Xfree and accelx. I can't get it to dump no
>matter what I try. I cant' realyl fix somehting i can't reporduce the
>bug for.. :(
>->  There's a similar thread on the Enlightenment list, about newer
>->  Imlibs crashing on Windows X-servers.  The consensus there was
>->  that the Windows X-server was at fault (not 100% compliant?).  It
>->  seems to run fine locally, but core dumps when run remotely
>->  through Windows.  An older Imlib (1.3) did not core dump.  That's
>->  as far as it's gotten.

Well, the mouse-properties and keyboard-properties problem was caused by me
not specifying the --init option. Of course, there's still something wrong
here -- they did crash (presumably because they hadn't been init'd)

I just fired up XF86 on the linux box (I don't usually run X there -- the
serial port fries mice) and Panel at least starts and displays there. Dunno
what else it does, since I can't click.

Background-properties --init, however, still has the sigpipe problem and
hogs the cpu instead of completing its task.

I'd like to test this stuff properly (different color depths on xfree,
exceed and the other win95 x servers I have (quite a few)). But there are
some things I really need to work on if I'm gonna be rich and famous, so
this little update is all for now :-)

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