Re: Panel segfaults

On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, George wrote:

> ok this might be a problem of loading the applets before corba is initialized
> SO ... the applet_register never seems to get called (which is what clears
> the id_str and makes it the IOR) ... this was a slight hack which I didn't
> clean up yet, id_str should only contain IOR and be NULL in all other cases,
> however it has not been cleaned up enough yet 
> the panel should never call the applet before the applet does the
> applet_register call and tells the panel it's IOR ...
> George
Ok, well I am not touching the code on this one :).  It seems that there
are many interdependencies that I am not aware of.  The function that sets
the tooltips called from apply_global_config definately tries to set the
ior, but this maybe, as you said, because of the ORB not being
initialized.  At any rate, we can't just move apply_global config into an
idle because init_user_panels function will then suffer from the same
problem(it too sends info to applets I think).  I think a better bet would
be just to initialize the ORB in main right after gnome_config_pop_prefix,
provided that this won't break anything else.  The other option would be
to put init_user_panels(), _applets(), and apply_global_config(), into an
idle function that removes itself, but this is not clean IMHO.  If we want
to maintain ORB independence in the main code we could add a
panel_corba_orb_init() call instead of the CORBA_ORB_init calls.  What do
you think about this?

Manish Vachharajani

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