Panel segfaults

I updated my panel to the latest stuff in to try and fix the
panel applet moving problems.  Now the panel segfaults.  I am also running
the latest ORBit from CVS.

Here is a backtrace

#0 0x80647b9 in GNOME_Applet_tooltips_state (obj=0x0, cookie=0x807c768
"CCT;{,oH./Y%", enabled=1, ev=0x806a800) at gnome-panel-stubs.c:1259

#1 0x80554b2 in send_applet_tooltips_state (ior=0x80fbf88 "Extern",
enabled=1)  at orbit-glue.c:472

#2 0x8055793 in send_tooltips_state (enabled=1) at panel.c:72

#3 0x8055816 in apply_global_config () at panel.c:91

#4  0x80519ec in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffffbb8) at main.c:1967

Here are the error messages:

** WARNING **: file gnome-client.c: line 1052 (gnome_client_get_id): 
assertion "client != NULL" failed. connected to session manager started
applet, pid: 11850

** WARNING **: file orb.c: line 429 (CORBA_ORB_string_to_object): 
assertion "orb != NULL" failed. 

** ERROR **: sigsegv caught

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