Re: ORB problem, was Re: Problem moving applets between panels

On 19 Jul 1998, Raja R Harinath wrote:

> Anyway, I've seen this happen when the ORBit client abruptly disconnects
> from the ORBit server (the applet being the client, and panel being the
> server in this case).  The real problem is probably in the applet part
> of the code.  For me, the applet usually crashes saying something like
> Assertion "sum == res" failed.  A bit of sleuthing shows that a writev
> call EINVALs.
> - Hari
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Ahh, missed this message before.  THis may come from the applet, but I am
not sure.  Otherwise I get no other errors.  
** WARNING **: gtk_signal_disconnect(): could not find handler (7)

Manish Vachharajani

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