Problems with GNOME and gtk1.0.4

I updated my tree today from CVS and ran into a couple compile
problems using gtk 1.0.4.

First, and most importantly, the guile-gnome stuff fails to compile. I 
tried to figure out what all to comment out to get it to compile, but
gave up, seeing as how I had an older version already compiled which
still seems to work OK.

Secondly, building gnome-core fails when it hits "fifteen". This one
was pretty easy to fix, just removing it from the subdirs in
applets/ and rerunning autogen.

Everything else seems to know when it needs gtk 1.1.x
features. Looking nice. Gnobots is pretty nifty. And I just found the
feature to make the menubars and toolbars non-detachable, which rocks

Keep up the good work!

  Larry Daffner        |  Linux: Unleash the workstation in your PC! /
There is nothing so terrifying as ignorance in action. 
	-- Col Jeff Cooper

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