Re: New User

Ok, I got and installed ZLib. But the Core still won't compile because it
cannot find the refreences to gzread, gzopen, and gzclose in misc.c. The
FAQ did tell some of the files that were need, and where some of them were,
and what order some of them should be compiled in, but it was rather
sketchy. I think a nice install page with links to all required files and
what order to compile would be very beneficial for new users.
-Andre Masella(

: From: Mark Galassi <>
: To: Andre Masella <>
: Cc: _GNOME List <>
: Subject: Re: New User
: Date: July 19, 1998 10:46 AM
:     Andre> Micro compiled with GTK, but now GNOME Core won't compile
:     Andre> because It can't find zlib.h. Suggestions?  -Andre
:     Andre> Masella(
: Yes: read up a bit more in the compile FAQ and other places on the
: weeb page.  It will tell you to get the needed infrastructure
: programs, which include zlib and a bunch o' others.
: Take a look at for a lot of the
: packages you should install before you start installing the GNOME
: stuff.
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