Re: .deps screwup in gtk+ (more I think)

On Sat, 18 Jul 1998, Soren Harward wrote:

> I'm installing gnome in '/opt/gnome' (because my /usr/local is kinda
> full), and when I just tried compiling gtk+, I got an error about
> 'target /usr/local/include/glib.h not found' which I eventually traced
> back to a screwup in the .P files in the .deps directory.  I `rm -rf`-ed
> all .deps directories and everything seems to be working fine.  Can
> someone fix this?

The .deps files are generated automatically at compile time.  If you had
once compiled with glib in /usr/local it remembers that to see if it needs
to rebuild local targets when you upgrade glib.  Removing them when this
happens is the right thing, and they will be correctly generated the next
time you compile.

Manish Vachharajani

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