Re: double left click on applet


Eric Galluzzo <> writes:

> Dirk Luetjens wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > isn't it possible to assign the left click and double left click on an
> > applet to launch a configurable program? The program that would be started
> > could be set by the applet itself, or via a dialog available through right
> > click, like "Move applet", ...
> It sounds like what you're referring to is simply an iconized program.

not really, just a launcher. I would expect, that if I click onto an
application the application will respond to the click, and not the
underlaying panel. Compare e.g. the mixer and the clock applet. When
you click on the mixer you can change the volume. When you click on
the clock you get the dialog from the underlaying panel. 

What I meant is, that if the applet is not consuming the mouseclick or 
double-mouseclick then the default action is to do nothing, or launch
a predefined application. The application could be set by the applet
or by the suer via a dialog in the right-click popup menu. (Do you get 
what I mean????)

So, if e.g. the clock applet does not consum the left-mouseclick, it
would be fine if I could assign it to "lauch the gnomecal
application". The same is for the mixer. In this case it would be fine 
to assign a left-doubleclick to "launch a full mixer application".

The dialog to assign the application which will be launched is
provided by the panel via a right click onto the applet. It could look
like this:

Remove from panel
Move applet
Launch programm...

> > In the moment I find it confusing, that you click on the applet and get
> > the dialog from the panel.
> Er...isn't that the whole point of an applet?  That it's an application
> embedded in the panel? :)
I donīt understand what you mean. For sure the applet is embedded in
the panel, but there is enough place to launch the panel
dialog. Launching it on the applets area is confusing to me. 


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