more cvs problems

I apologize in advance for any FAQ's.  I'm trying for the first time to
complie gnome from the source directories.

Problem 1: I got impatient with CVS taking so dang long last night, and
grabbed all the 980715 source snapshots from, and now I
can't update them with CVS (ie, "cvs: ignoring module XXX").  Is there a
way I can update it?

Problem 2: I compiled/installed glib just fine, but now gtk+ aborts with a
"./configure: syntax error near unexpected token 'AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE'
What version of automake do I need to be running?  I'm running 1.3-2 that
came with my RedHat 5.1. (this also is off my 980715 snapshots)

Thanks a lot.  After I get this working, I'm going to write up a "Gnome
CVS for GNUbies" page to help everyone else like me.

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