Re: Multi-size, Multi-Bit depth icons

On Thu, Jul 16, 1998 at 12:43:01 AM -0400, wrote:
> On 16 Jul, James Michael Mastros shouted:
> ->  I think that's what he meant with the caching, yes <G>.  (Though
> ->  perstistancy might be a Good Thing -- that isn't there now, is it?  Also, is
> ->  it cross-process?)
> what do u mena "persistancy" as in I rener the pixmap at size XxY
I meant across sessions -- once imlib is unloaded and reloaed, are the
cached pixmaps still about?  (I assume not from the below.)

> ->  However, a quality option bitmap somewhere might be a Good Thing (resizing
> ->  alogrithim, dithering).  Perhaps even making an intelegent default decision
> ->  (based on image size)...
> it alreday has several render types (quality levels) they include
> dithering on or of in 15/16bpp (yes imlib will dither using either
> floyd-steinberg or orderd in 15/16bpp if set to the correct render mode
> before rendering a pixmap - Enlightenment by default sets the "high
> quality" render mode on for this - so does the GNOME background
> properties). It also can have dithering turned off (for 8bp etc.) which
> is considerably faster but not as nice looking.
Oh.  Then why isn't gnome using it?  Guess nobody got around to it...  Hmm.

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