Re: anoncvs barfs

On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, Soren Harward wrote:
> I'm trying to update my CVS (well, actually, I'm downloading the entire
> thing) and my cvs program keeps barfing with "cvs update: warning:
> unrecognized response `[what looks like the contents of the file I'm
> trying to get]`.  I'm in the middle of updating /dgs/gs/ if that means
> anything.  Anyone know what's going wrong?  I'm just doing the regular
> `cvs -z3 update -d` like I should.

This must be some kind of bug in CVS. The same thing happened to me a long
time ago. I think I may have started over on DGS and it worked, or perhaps
I ended up getting the tarball from GNU. I think the CVS version of it is
old anyway (maybe).

CVS has lots of little glitches and quirks.

Havoc Pennington ====

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