gmrootc updates

	For those of you who use it, the GnomeMaker Root Menu Creation
program (gmrootc) has been updated a bit.. it now has an option
to put the gnome commands in a seperate menu, and also includes
an option to use RedHat's wmconfig command to build a RedHat
menu structure as well.

	Support for merging those two with your current WM Root file
is forthcoming... may even be there later today.

	Anyway.. you can download gmrootc from the GnomeMaker website
(Which is in need of udpates in a bad way.. <grin> It'll be done soon.
I've gotten a volunteer who's going to help out, so that should make
things busier) at


Adam Jacob                  E-Mail: <>
Systems Administrator       WWW:
Cyber Trails                "Unix is a four letter word...
602-906-1752                 VI is a two letter abbreviation"

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